Welcome to Emperor's Chess

It is the ultimate app for chess enthusiasts of all levels. 


These are some of the features that seperate us from other apps!

Online Play

This feature allows you to play with other players from all parts of the world. All you need is internet access.

vs Computer

Play chess against a computer (Stockfish). It provides different difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to advanced, to cater to players of varying skill levels.


Users can read the latest articles, which may cover topics such as chess strategies, tournament updates, player profiles, historical insights, and instructional content.


Users can browse through different topics, join discussions, and contribute by posting replies and comments


A digital timer that counts down the remaining time for each player during their turn. This feature ensures fair play and adds a strategic element to chess matches, where players must make their moves within a specified time limit (e.g., blitz, rapid, or classical time controls).


The guys who made it all possible!


"I have always had love for the game! The major problem that derailed me from reaching my full potential was always finances. Emperors Chess will not only focus on providing chess resources, but some of the funds made will be donated to various organizations to make chess accessible to everyone."


"I fell in love with chess later

in life and believe that

if I had learned the game

at a younger age,

I would have progressed

much further. I want to

ensure that others have the

opportunity to learn chess early

and not miss out on its

benefits like I did."